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Blenda is the founder of Radiant Mind Foundation (MGF) She has over 15 years experience in people development. During this period, it has come to her realization that the core of people development is the mindset.

With her experience coupled with research done in mindset development, Blenda has authored a book Overpowering a Toxic Mindset: Restructure your Thought Patterns that will help you transform from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

She strongly believes that your adversity does not define your destiny and has therefore developed programs that will help you discover and flourish in your true north. Life is like a campus and the waves will take you to their direction of preference. It is upon you to sail against the tides when you discover your true north.

My Values

  • Accountability
  • Growth
  • Transformation
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Overpowering A Toxic Mindset

Why Choose The Book

Blenda is passionate about Radiant Mind, and this book is built around a mindset-wellness model that she herself adopted which has helped her live a more fulfilled purpose driven life.

  • Proven Approach

    The approach in the book has been used and proven by the author.

  • Personalised Experience

    The book impacts the reader on an individual basis.

  • Book Build

    With its quality and writing style, the book can be used by everyone.

  • Unisex

    Any gender is welcome, he/she that reads must be impacted.

Consultations are open about the book just in case you have any questions. For any reviews send to email:

Available at UGX 50000
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